2023 Results

International Track Results
Tel Aviv TGP :
5th Madison Keela Mac Hale
IGP Dublin Keirin : 6th Juan Rodriguez
IGP Dublin Sprint : 2nd (Silver) Juan Rodriguez
US GP Class 2: 6th Elimination Race

Duane Delaney TGP
Men's Group 1 :
3rd Juan Rodriguez

Sundrive Endurance Track League 
1st Sean Curtis
2nd Oscar Sevastopulo
3rd George Sevastopulo

Sundrive Sprint Track League
2nd Deividas Dvylaitis
4th Mark Stewart
5th Juan Rodriguez

National Track Results
Women's Omnium :
4th Overall Keela Mac Hale
Men's Team Pursuit : 2nsd (Sliver) . S Curtis, A Kavanagh, R Murphy, K Meghan
Women's Team Sprint : 3rd (Bronze) S Mitchell, S Loscher, C Ni Reachtagain
MASTERS TRACK  Championship : 
M40 Sprint : 2nd Colm Sevastopulo (Silver) , 3rd Robert Murphy (Bronze), 4th Matt McCullagh
M50 Sprint : 1st John Caffrey (Gold), 2nd Paul Armstrong (Silver)
M40 Pursuit :  3rd Matt McCullagh (Bronze), 3rd Richard Grant (Bronze)
M50 Pursuit : 1st Sean Curtis (Gold) , 4th Andrew Kavanagh
M40 750m TT :  4th Thomas O'Brien
M50 500m TT : 1st John Caffrey (Gold), 2nd Keith Meghan (Silver), 3rd Paul Armstrong (Bronze)
M40 Scratch :  3rd Matt Mc Cullagh (Bronze)
M50 Scratch :  1st Sean Curtis (Gold)
YOUTH TRACK Championship
U12 Girls Scratch :
2nd Tori McDonnell (Silver) , 3rd Eve Chapman (Bronze)
U12 Girls Sprint : 2nd Tori McDonnell (Silver) , 3rd Eve Chapman (Bronze)
U12 Girls 250m TT : 2nd Tori McDonnell (Silver) , 3rd Eve Chapman (Bronze)
U14 Boys Scratch : 1st Oscar Sevastopulo (Gold)
U14 Boys Sprint :  1st Oscar Sevastopulo (Gold)
U14 Boys 250m TT :  1st Oscar Sevastopulo (Gold)

Road Racing
02nd April : IVCA Green Sheds (Race 4)  2nd Damian Byrne
09th April :  IVCA Beehive (Race 1) 5th Matt McCullagh
                     IVCA Beehive (Race 4) 3rd Damian Byrne
13th April : ICL Corcaigh Park (Semi Limit) - 3rd George Sevastopulo
22nd April  : Waller Cup - Bohermeen (A3) 6th Sean Curtis
24th April : Appleby Women's League (B Race) 6th Ciara O'Shea
29th April : ​IVCA Dundalk (Race 1) 7th Sean Curtis
                      IVCA Dundalk (Race 4) 4th Hugh Byrne
04th May : ICL 4th Sean Curtis (Scratch) Green Sheds
06th May :  Orwell Youth Stage Race Corcaigh Park 
                    04th Overall Oscar Sevastopulo . 3rd U16 George Sevastopolo
07th May : IVCA Monasterevin (Race 1) 3rd Sean Curtis 
                                                     (Race 4) 4th Hugh Byrne 
11th May : ICL 2nd Mark Stewart (Semi Limit) Coolquay
14th May : IVCA The Curragh (Race 1)  1st Matt McCullagh
23rd May : Appleby Women's League : Rd6 : TT  (B Race) 5th Ciara O'Shea
23rd May : IVCA The Mullagh (Race 1)  4th Matt McCullagh
03rd June : Sean Nolan GP (U14) 1st Oscar Sevastopulo
13th June : Mondello Criterium : 5th Sean Curtis
13th June : IVCA Summerhill (Race 1) Matt McCullagh
21st June: Stephen Roche GP ; 1st A3 Sean Curtis (2nd Prime Colm Sevastopulo)
                  Stephen Roche GP : Women'e Race 6th Keela McHale
                  Stephen Roche GP : U14 2nd Oscar Sevastopulo
                  Stephen Roche GP : U16 6th George Sevastopulo 
22nd June : ICL Newbridge (Semi Scratch) 3rd George Sevastopulo
25th June : IVCA Tullamore (Race 4) 3rd Damian Byrne
02nd July : IVCA M50 Championship (Dunsany) 1st Sean Curtis
09th July : Moynalty Grand Prix : A4 3rd Mark Stewart
                  IVCA Carlow (Race 4) 3rd Hugh Byrne
16th July: Mullingar GP A3 2nd Matt McCullagh
25th July  IVCA Summerhill (Race 4) 1st Damian Byrne
                 Women's League Corcaigh Park (A Race) 3rd Keela Mac Hale
30th July : Ulster 3 Day Youth Tour : Stage 3 (U16) 2nd George Sevastopulo
01st August :  IVCA Culmullin (Race 1) 1st Sean Curtis
                                                 (Race 4) 3rd Damian Byrne
06th August : IVCA Green Sheds (Race 1) 4th Sean Curtis 
03rd September : IVCA The Curragh (Race 4) 1st Damian Byrne, 5th Tara Nelson
03rd September : National Youth Road C/ship : U15 Boys 3rd George Sevastopulo
                                                                             U13 Boys 4th Oscar Sevastopulo
09th September : National Youth Criterium C/ships ; U13 Boys 2nd Orcar Sevastopulo (Silver)

IVCA Track Championship
M40 3k Pursuit 2nd (Silver) Matt McCullagh
M40 3k Pursuit 3rd (Bronze)  Thomas O'Brien
M40 3k 750m TT 2nd (Silver) Matt Mc Cullagh
M40 3k 750m TT 3rd (Bronze)  Thomas O'Brien
M40 Scratch 2nd (Silver) Thomas O'Brien
M40 Scratch 3rd (Bronze) Matt McCullagh
M50 2k Pursuit 1st (Gold) Sean Curtis
M50 Scratch 1st (Gold) Sean Curtis
M50 Scratch 2nd (Silver) Andrew Kavanagh
Sprint Competition to be completed



2022 Results

Road Racing
03rd April :  IVCA Green Sheds DMS (Race 2) 4th Sean Curtis
                                                   (Race 4) 9th Hugh Byrne
10th April : IVCA Summerhill Long  (Semi Scratch) 2nd Sean Curtis
                                                  (Race 4) 3rd Hugh Byrne
14th April : ICL Culmullen DMS (Race 2) 5th Sean Curtis
18th April : Orwell Ladies League: Race 1 TT 2nd Jenny Neenan
21st April : ICL Brittas (Semi Scratch) 2nd Sean Curtis
24th April : IVCA Dundalk DMS (Race 2) 2nd Sean Curtis
08th May : IVCA Curragh DMS (Race 1) 2nd Matt McCullagh
                                                (Race 2) 6th Sean Curtis
07th May : Leinster TT Championship (U14) 2nd George Sevastopulo
08th May : Dundalk Youth Race (U14) 2nd George Sevastopulo
10th May : IVCA Summerhill DMS (Race 2) 2nd Sean Curtis
12th May : ICL Corcaigh (Limit) 4th George Sevastopulo
13th May : Banbridge Criterium 1st Woman  Jenny Neenan
15th May : Galway Classic 5th Jenny Neenan
28th May : South Kildare Youth CP (U16) 1st George Sevastopulo
28th May : IVCA Carlow DMS (Race 1) 8th Sean Curtis
                                                  (Race 4) 6th Hugh Byrne
05th June : Orwell 2 Day  Stage1/2/3 and Overall Jenny Neenan
05th June : IVCA 2 Day (Stage 1 - Race 4) 4th Hugh Byrne
07th June :  Women's Racing Corcaigh Park 4th Anne Coleman (B Race)
09th June : ICL The Curragh (Semi Limit) 4th Mark Stewart
14th June :  Women's Racing Corcaigh Park 1st Anne Coleman (B Race)
16th June : ICL Corcaigh Park (Semi Limit) 6th Mark Stewart, 7th Eoin Hassett
30th June : ICL Corcaigh Park (Semi Scratch) 1st Colm Sevastopulo
                                                 (Limit) 1st George Sevastopulo
03rd July : IVCA Monsterevin : Race 1 2nd Matt McCullagh
                                                    Race 2 2nd Francis Halsall
05th July : Corcaigh Park Women : B Race 2nd Tara Nelson
07th July : ICL Corcaigh Park (Scratch) 2nd Sean Curtis
12th July : Corcaigh Park Women : B Race 1st Tara Nelson
19th July : Corcaigh Park Women : A Race 1st Claire Ni Reachtagain
                                                               B Race 1st Tara Nelson
21st July : ICL League : Rossborough (Limit) 3rd Eoin Hassett
02nd August : Corcaigh Park Women A Race 2nd Keela Mac Hale
09th August : Corcaigh Paek Women A Race 1st Claire Ni Reachtagain,
                                                               3rd Keela Mac Hale
13th August : Beechmount Cup : 3rd Unpl A3 Sean Curtis
14th August : IVCA Green Sheds Race 4 : 3rd Hugh Byrne
14th August : Leinster Youth Road Championship (U12) 3rd Oscar Sevastopulo (BRONZE)
                                                               (U14) 1st George Sevastopulo (GOLD)
16th August : Corcaigh Park Women A Race 1st Claire Ni Reachtagain
18th August : ICL League Green Sheds  (Limit/Semi Limit) 4th Eoin Hassett
20th August : Irish Road Championships : 2nd (SILVER) George Sevastopulo
21st August : IVCA Dowry's Forge (Race 5) 3rd Ned Costello
28th August : IVCA Green Sheds (Race 2) 4th Francis Halsall
                                                       (Race 5) 3rd Ned Costello
30th August : Corcaigh Park Women's A Race : 3rd Jenny Neenan
04th September : Leinster Criterium C/ship : M50 1st Sean Curtis (GOLD)
                          Women : 3rd Jenny Neenan (BrRONZE) , 4th Keela McHale
18th September : IVCA Green Sheds (Race 1) 2nd Sean Curtis
                                                      (Race 5) 1st Ned Kinsella

Innternational Results
20th March : Barcelona Criterium 1st Jenny Neenan
06th May : Paracycling Road World Cup Ostend Belgium
                    10th (Time Trial) Jaqueline Healion / Claire Ni Reachtagain
28th August :IGP C2 Madison : 4th Keela Mac Hale / Claire Ni Rerachtagain

Duane Delaney TGP
Overall Winner : Anne Coleman
Group B : 3rd John Caffrey , Group C : 1st Colm Sevaspopulo
Group D : 3rd Deividas Dvylaikis , Women B : 1st Anne Coleman

National Track Championships

National Omnium (Women)
4th Keela Mac Hale, 6th Claire Ni Reachtagain, 7th Jenny Neenan
National Omnium (Men)
7th Mark Stewart
National Team Sprint (Women)
BRONZE Susie Mitchell, Keela Mc Hale, Claire Ni Reachtagain
National Team Pursuit (Women)
GOLD  Susie Mitchell, Keela Mc Hale, Claire Ni Reachtagain,  Deborah Madden
National Team Pursuit (Men)
GOLD  Sean Curtis, Mark Stewart, Thomas O'Brien, John Caffrey
National Youth Track Championship
GOLD : U12 Sprint, U12 Scratch Oscar Sevesatopulo
GOLD : U14 250M TT George Sevastopulo
SILVER : U14 Scratch, U14 Sprint George Sevastopulo
National Pursuit (Women)
SILVER Keela McHale
BRONZE Jenny Neenan
4th Claire N iReachtagain
National Scratch (Women) 
4th Keela Mac Hale
6th Jenny Neenan
National Masters 
GOLD M40 3k Pursuit Matt McCullagh
SILVER M40 3k Pursuit Francis Halsall
SILVER M40 Sprint Paul Armstrong
BRONZE M40 Sprint John Caffrey
GOLD M40 Scratch Matt McCullagh
SILVER M40 Scratch Colm Sevastopulo
SILVER M40 750m TT John Caffrey
BRONZE M40 750m TT Paul Armstrong
GOLD M50 2k Pursuit Sean Curtis
SILVER M50 Scratch Sean Curtis
GOLD M60 Sprint Hugh Byrne
GOLD M60 500m TT Hugh Byrne
SILVER M60 Scratch Hugh Byrne
BRONZE M60 2k Pursuit John Coates

Sundrive Spring League
A Group : 2nd Sean Curtis
B Group : 2nd Eoin Hassett, 3rd Keela McHale
C Group : 2nd George Sevastopulo
D Group : 2nd Oscar Sevastopulo 

Sundrive Summer League
A Group : 1st Sean Curtis
B Group : 2nd George Sevastopulo
D Group : 1st Oscar Sevastopulo

Sprinters League (Overall)
1st Juan Rodriquez
4th Richard Toolin
5th John Caffrey
7th Paul Bonass
8th Deividas Dvylaitis


2021 Results

Road Racing
09th June : Corcaigh Park Women's Race : A 4th Claire Ni Reachtagain
16th June : Corcaigh Park Women's A  Race : A 7th (& Prime) Claire Ni Reachtagain
                                                           B Race 6th Tara Nelson
23rd June : Corcaigh Park Women's A Race: 3rd Claire Ni Reachtagain
29th June : Mondello A1/A2/A3 : 5th Colm Sevastopolo
4th July : IVCA(Race 5) 1st Anne Coleman
12th July : Corcaigh Park Women's A Race: 1st Claire Ni Reachtagain

14th July : Wexford Elite TT Championship : 1st Ben Delaney (Gold)
 26th July : Corcaigh Park Women's A Race: 2nd Claire Ni Reachtagain
02nd August : Corcaigh Park Women's A Race: 2nd Claire Ni Reachtagain
10-12th August: Appleby Midweek Stage Race - 2nd (Overall) Claire Ni Reachtagain
                          Stage 1 (Neutralised), Stage 2 TT 1st , Stage 3 Mondello 3rd 

 24th August : Corcaigh Park Women's A Race: 1st Claire Ni Reachtagain
 31st  August : Corcaigh Park Women's A Race: 1st Claire Ni Reachtagain**
                      ** 12 Week League - Overall Winner Claire Ni Reachtagain **
05th September : IVCA (Race 4) Hatchet Circuit : 3rd Hugh Byrne

Track Results
Duane Delaney :
Women A : 5th Susie Mitchell
                   *         Men B : 3rd Colm Sevastopulo
Leinster Track Championship : 

Sundrive Track League (Omnium Night ) Womien : 2nd 1st Deborah Madden
                                                                      Men B : 3rd Mark Stewart

National Track Championships (Deferred from 2020)
Masters 2020 M40 750m TT:
3rd (Bronze) John Caffrey
Masters 2020 M40 Scratch:  3rd (Bronze) John Caffrey
Masters 2020 M50 Pursuit:  3rd (Bronze) Sean Curtis
Masters 2020 M50 500m TT:  3rd (Bronze) Sean Curtis
Masters 2020 M50 Scratch: 2nd (Silver) Sean Curtis
Masters 2020 M60 Sprint:  3rd (Bronze) Hugh Byrne
Masters 2020 M60 500m TT:  3rd (Bronze) Hugh Byrne
Masters 2020 M60 Scratch:  3rd (Bronze) Hugh Byrne

National Track Championships

National Omnium (Men) : 1st (Gold) Ben Delaney 
                               (Women) 3rd (Bronze) Claire Ni Reachtagain
National Youth (U12) 3rd (Bronze) Oscar Sevastopulo 
                          (U14) 3rd (Bronze ) George Sevastopulo
Team Pursuit (Women) : 1st (Gold) Sundrive :A Conlan,  S Mitchell, S Loscher, C NiReachtagain
Team Sprint (Men) : 2nd (Silver)  Sundrive  K Meghan, M Mulcahy,, J Caffrey
Team Sprint (Women) : 2nd  S Loscher, S Mitchell, C Ni Reachtagain
Keirin (Men) : 2nd, (Silver) M. Mulcahy  3rd (Bronze) B Crosbie
Keirin (Women) :  5th Susie MItchell
Masters M40  Sprint: 3rd (Bronze) Keith Meghan
Masters M40 750m TT: 3rd (Bronze) Keith Meghan
Masters M40 Scratch:  2nd (Silver) Matthew McCullagh
Masters M50 Pursuit:  2nd (Silver) Sean Curtis
Masters M50 Scratch  2nd (Silver) Sean Curtis
Masters M60 Sprint:  2nd (Silver) Hugh Byrne
Masters M60 500m TT:  2nd (Silver) Hugh Byrne

Leinster Track Championship
Senior Men 500m TT :
1st Michael Mulcahy (Gold)
Senior Men Scratch : 2nd Billy Crosbie (Silver)
Senior Women 500m TT : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Senior Women Scratch : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Masters Men 500m TT : 1st John Caffrey (Gold)
Masters Men 500m TT : 3rd Keith Meghan (Bronze)
Masters Men Scratch : 1st Matthew McCullagh (Gold)
Masters Men Scratch : 2nd Keith Meghan (Silver)
Masters Men Scratch : 3rd Sean Curtis (Bronze)

2020 Results

Road Racing
15th July: Dany O'Shea 10mile TT : 7th Deborah Madden
29th July:Corcaigh Park Women's Racing (A Race ) 3rd Claire Ni Reactagain
11th August:Corcaigh Park Women's Racing (A Race ) 2nd Claire Ni Reactagain
14th August : Leinster TT Championship (A2) 2nd Ben Delaney (Silver)
18th August :Corcaigh Park Women's Racing (A Race ) 3rd Claire Ni Reactagain
                      (plus two Primes)
23rd August : Carlow Youth Race (U12) 1st George Sevastopulo
1st September:Corcaigh Park Women's Racing (A Race ) 3rd Claire Ni Reactagain

Track Results
Duane Delaney (cancelled)
Leinster Track Championship (cancelled)

Sundrive Track League (Overall) B Category : 2nd Claire Ni Reachtagain

IVCA Track Championship

National Track Championships
U12 Scratch: 
1st George Sevastopulo (Gold)
U12 Sprint : 1st George Sevastopulo (Gold)
U12 100m TT : 3rd George Sevastopulo (Bronze)
National Omnium (cancelled)
Sprint (Men) : 2nd Eoin Mullen (Silver)
Kilo (Men) :1st  1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Team Pursuit (Women) : 2nd (Silver) Losher, Mitchell, NiReachtagain, Madden
Team Sprint (Men) : 2nd (Silver) K.Meghan, J.Caffrey, E.Mullen
Team Sprint (Women) : 3rd (Bronze) S Loscher, S Mitchell
Keirin (Men) : 3rd Eoin Mullen (Bronze)
Keirin (Women) : 5th Anne Coleman, 6th Susie Mitchell


2019 Results

 Road Racing
10th March: Clonard Grand Prix (Intermediate Lge )4th Claire Ni Reachtaigain
16th March: Lucan Grand Prix (A3) -1st Female: Jenny Neenan
24th March: IVCA Green Sheds DMS (Race 3): 5th Brian Coonan
24th March: Boyne Valley GP (A3) - 1st Female: Sofie Loscher
07th April: IVCA Summerhill DMS (Race 4): 6th Hugh Byrne
07th April: The Waller Cup (Intermediate Lge )2nd Claire Ni Reachtaigain
09th April: Orwell League Rd 1 : TT  2nd Jenny Neenan, 3rd Sofie Loscher
                                                              7th Claire Ni Reachtaigain     
14th April: Coombes Connor Memorial (A3) 1st Female Sofie Loscher
16th April : Orwell League Rd 2: 2nd Sofie Loscher, 3rd  Jenny Neenan
                                                             8th Claire Ni Reachtaigain
21st April: IVCA Dundalk DMS (Race 4): 2nd Hugh Byrne
23rd April: Orwell League Rd 3: 3rd Sofie Loscher, 5th Claire Ni Reachtagain
30th April: Orwell League Rd 4: 1st Sofie Loscher, 4th Claire Ni Reachtagin
05th May: Clogher Valley GP  1st Sofie Loscher, 2nd Jenny Neenan 
                                            Queen of the Mountains: Jenny Neenan
07th May: Orwell League Rd 5: 4th Sofie Loscher
07th May : IVCA Green Sheds (Race 1) : 6th Colm Sevastopulo
12th May : IVCA Kilcullen CP (Race 4): 4th Hugh Byrne
14th May: Orwell League Rd 6 (TT): 5th Jenny Neenan, 7th Claire Ni Reachtagain
              Overall: 2nd Sofie Loscher, 5th Jenny Neenan, 6th Claire Ni Reactaigain
19th May : IVCA Monasterevin CP (Race 1): 5th Colm Sevastopulo
                 IVCA Monasterevin CP (Race 4): 1st Hugh Byrne
28th May : IVCA Green Sheds CP (Race 1): 8th Colm Sevastopulo
                  IVCA Green Sheds CP (Race 4): 8th Anne Coleman
02nd June : Usher 2 Day Stage 1 (Race 4): 1st Hugh Byrne
                                         Stage 2 (Race 30): 5th Brian Coonan
09th June : Denis Kennedy Road Race (A1/A2) 8th Matt McCullagh
11th June : Womens League Corcaigh Park (A Race) 3rd Clair Ni Reachtagain
20th June : Leinster TT Championship: 3rd  Jenny Neenan (Bronze)
22nd June : Kieran Hammond Memorial TT : 2nd Jenny Neenan
07th July : IVCA Monasterevin DMS (Race 4) : 5th Hugh Byrne
16th July : Mondello Criterium : 3rd Billy Crosbie
13th August : TC Racing Corcaigh Park (A Race) 2nd Claire Ni Reachtagain
13th August : IVCA DMS Green Sheds (Race 1) 4th Colm Sevastopolo
                                                               (Race 4) 2nd Anne Coleman
17th August : National Youth C/ship : 2nd  U11 TT(Silver) George Sevastopolo
18th August : IVCA Sonny Cullen Memorial (Race 4) 5th Hugh Byrne
20th August : IVCA Culmullin (Race 4) 1st Hugh Byrne
02nd September: IVCA Curragh DMS (Race 4) 5th Hugh Byrne
09th September: IVCA Kilcullen DMS (Race 4) 1st Hugh Byrne
15th September: IVCA Green Sheds DMS (Race 4) 2nd Hugh Byrne
21st September: Dublin Road C/ship U10 2nd Oscar Sevastopolo   
21st September: Dublin Road C/ship U12 2nd George Sevastopolo  
21st September: Dublin Road C/ship Ladies 3rd Susie Mitchell, 6th Deborah Madden  
21st September:Dublin Road C/ship A3 2nd Richard Grant, 6th Com Sevastopolo
22nd September: IVCA Beehive DMS (Race 3) 1st Brian Coonan
22nd September : IVCA Beehive DMS (Race 4) 2nd Hugh Byrne 
                          Winner Autumn League: Hugh Byrne


International Results
07th January ACT League Womens Omnium 7th Susie Mitchell, 8th Sofie Loscher

Track Results:
22nd May: Sundrive Elite Men's Omnium: 1st Billy Crosbie
01st June : Duane Delaney TGP : A Group 3rd  John Caffrey
                                                       C Group 2nd Richard Toolan
                                             Ladies Group 1st Eimer McMullen
22nd May: Sundrive Elite Women's Omnium: 2nd Claire Ni Reachtagain
24th July : Sundrive 'A' Omnium : 1st Colm Sevastopolo , 2nd Matt McCullagh
                   Sundrive 'B' Omnium : 2nd Gerry Dollard, 3rd Susie Mitchell
Sundrive Track League : (A Group) 2nd Matt McCullagh 3rd Billy Crosbie
                                         (B Group) 2nd Richard Toolan

IVCA Track Championship
40-49 Sprint: 1st.Colm Sevastopolo(Gold), 2nd Thomas Kabs(Silver) 3rd Francis Halsall(Bronze)
40-49 Pursuit: 1st.Thomas Kabs(Gold), 2nd Francis Halsall(Silver), 3rd. Gerry Dollard(Bronze)
40-49 750m TT: 1st Thomas Kabs(Gold), 2nd Colm Sevastopolo(Silver), 3rd Francis Halsall(Bronze)
40-49 Scratch: 2nd Colm Sevastopolo(Silver), 3rd Gerry Dollard(Bronze)

50-59 Scratch: 1st Brian Coonan(Gold), 

National Track Championships
Omnium (Women): 2nd Jennifer Neenan (Silver)
Omnium (Men) : 3rd Billy Crosbie (Bronze)
Team Pursuit (Women) : 1st S Loscher, J Neenan, S Mitchell, D Madden (Gold)
                    3rd : C NiReachtagain, A Conlan, A Coleman, A Samsel (Bronze)
Team Sprint (Men) : 2nd Eoin Mullen, Keith Meghan, John Caffrey (Silver)
Team Pursuit (Men) : 3rd M McCullagh, B Crosbie, O Hogan, J Caffrey (Bronze)
Keirin (Men) : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Sprint (Men) : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Kilo (Men) :1st  1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Madison (Women) : 3rd Susie Mitchell / Jenny Neenan
M40 Sprint : 3rd John Caffrey (Bronze)
M40 Pursuit : 3rd Thomas Kabs (Bronze)
M40 750TT : 3rd Francis Halsall (Bronze)

2018 Results

 Road Racing
24/25th March : Ras Maigh Eo - (Stage 2) - 4th : Matt McCullagh
                         Ras Maigh Eo - (Overall) - 5th : Matt McCullagh
24th March : Darragh McCarthy RR M50/F 2nd Female : Sofie Loscher
25th March : Des Hanlon Memorial (National League) 10th Sofie Loscher
08th April : Cycleways Cup (A3/L) 2nd  Unplaced Female : Sofie Loscher
08th April : IVCA Summerhill DMS (Race 2) : 4th Pat Walshe
11th April : Orwell Ladies League : Race 1 (10 mile TT) : 2nd Sofie Loscher
                                                                               5th : Jenny Neenan
15th April : Coombes Conor Memorial (A4) : 3rd Billy Crosby
17th April : Orwell Ladies League : Corcaigh Park Crit (A Race) : 3rd Sofie Loscher
22nd April : Waller Cup (Intermediate League) : 2nd Sofie Loscher
24th April : Orwell Ladies League : Corcaigh Park Crit (A Race) : 5th Sofie Loscher
29th April : IVCA Curragh DMS (Race 1) : 3rd Colm Sevastopolo
29th April : Deenside Cup (Intermediate League) : 7th Sofie Loscher
06th May : IVCA Dermot McGrath Mem : 5th Colm Sevastopolo, 8th Francis Halsall
08th May : Mondello Crit : 1st Unplaced A4 : Richard Grant
12th May : Limerick Racecourse Crit  : 1st Deborah Madden , 4th Sofie Loscher
                                                               (Prime : Sofie Loscher)
13th May : IVCA Green Sheds DMS (Race 1) : 1st Sean Curtis
20th May : Emyvale Grand Prix (Intermediate League) : 3rd Sofie Loscher
20th May: Emyvale Grand Prix: (A Race) 1st Matt McCullagh
22nd May : Women's Crit Corcaigh Park : 2nd Sofie Loscher , 3rd Jenny Neenan
27th May : Clonmel GP Stage 2 (A4) : 2nd Richard Grant
06th June : Mlondello Crit : (Unpl A1) Murt Rice 
12th June : IVCA Summerhill : (A Race) : 8th Sean Curtis
12th June : DWCC Crit Corcaigh Park : 1st Sofie Loscher
17th June : IVCA Founders 50 : 5th Colm Sevastopolo
19th June : Mondello Criterium : 6th Murt Rice
20th June : Stephen Roche Grand Prix : 3rd Susie Mitchell, 5th Sofie Loscher
21st June : Leinster TT C/ships .2nd (L) Sofie Loscher , 3rd (L) Jenny Neenan
                                                  3rd (A1 )Matt McCullagh, 3rd (Vet) Sean Curtis
24th June : Eddie Tobin Memorial : (A Race) 3rd Matt McCullagh
26th June : Corcaigh Womens Crit : 1st Sofie Loscher, 3rd Emer McMullan
01st July : IVCA Memorial Cup (A Race) : 3rd Sean Curtis
03rd July : Corcaigh Women's Points Race : 1st Sofie Loscher, 4th Deborah Madden
08th July : Age Related C/ship (40-49) : 4th Colm Sevastopolo, 6th Sean Curtis
10th July : Corcaigh Park Crit : 1st A Sofie Loscher, 2nd A Jenny Neenan
14th July : Tommy Brady Memorial : 1st A4 Billy Crosbie
15th July : IVCA Tullamore DMS : 2nd Colm Sevastopolo
15th July : Mullingar GP (National League) 3rd Sofie Loscher
                                        (A3) Unplaced Junior : Robert Kiely
17th July : Corcaigh Park Crit : (A Race) 3rd Sofie Loscher
17th July : Mondello Crit : 5th Billy Crosbie
22nd July : IVCA Monasterevin (A Race ) :3rd Francis Halsall
22nd July : Seamus Kennedy Mem : (A1/A2) 7th Matt McCullagh
                   Intermediate League (L)4th Deborah Madden, 5th Jenny Neenan
24th July : Mondello Criterium : 1st Billy Crosbie. 3rd Richard Grant
                   2nd unplaced A3 : Sean Curtis
27th-29th July : Tour of Omagh : Overall 7th : Sofie Loscher
                   (Stage 1 7th, Stage 2 TT 9th, Stage 3 13th Stage 4 6th )
29th July : Brendan Campbell  Memorial (A1/A2/A3) 7th Billie Crosbie
31st July : Mondello Crit : 6th Billy Crosbie
05th August : IVCA Kentstown (A Race) : 3rd Sean Curtis
12th August : Sonny Cullen Memorial : 6th Colm Sevastopolo
02nd September : Christy McManus Memorial : 2nd Billy Crosbie

International Results
24th June : 'B' Final Keirin , St Denis , Paris 1st Emer McMullan
08th July : Dublin Track International : Men's Keirin : 5th Eoin Mullen
                  Dublin Track International : Men's Sprint : 2nd Eoin Mullen

National Track Championships
Omnium (Women):
2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver), 4th Sofie Loscher
Omnium (Men) : 5th Matt McCullagh
Team Sprint (Women) : 1st S Mitchell/E McMullan (Gold)  3rd J Neenan / S Loscher (Bronze)
Team Sprint (Men) : 2nd R Murphy,  J Caffrey, O Hogan 
Team Pursuit (Women) : 1st DMadden, J Neenan, S Loscher, S Mitchell (Gold)
Team Pursuit (Men) : 3rd  Murt Rice, B Crosbie, M McCullagh, S Curtis (Bronze)
Keirin (Women) : 2nd Eimer McMullan (Silver) , 3rd Sofie Loscher (Bronze)
Keirin (Men) : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Sprint (Men) : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold) 
Sprint (Women) : 2nd Eimer McMullen (Silver)
4km Pursuit (Men) : 3rd Billy Crosbie (Bronze)
Scratch (Men) : 3rd Billy Crosbie (Bronze)
Scratch (Women) : 3rd Sofie Loscher (Bronze)
500m TT (Women) : 3rd Eimer McMullen (Bronze)
Madison Men (Demo) : 3rd Murt Rice /Matt McCullagh
Madison Demo (Women) : 1st Sofie Loscher, Susie Mitchell (Gold),
                                          3rd Anne  Coleman, Aisling Conlan (Bronze)

Sundrive  Spring Track League
A League :
2nd Billy Crosbie
B League : 2nd Colm O'Cuinneagain, 3rd Robert Kiely
C League : 3rd Sean Clarke
D League : 3rd Callum Byrne

Sundrive Summer Track League 
A League : 1st Billy Crosbie, 2nd Sean Curtis

IVCA Track C/ship)
(40-49) Sprint : 1st Colm Sevastopolo , 2nd Thomas Kabs, 3rd Gerry Dollard
(40-49) Pursuit: 1st Thomas Kabs, 2nd Colm Sevastopolo, 3rd Gerry Dollard
(40-49) 750m TT : 1st Colm Sevastopolo , 2nd Thomas Kabs, 3rd Gerry Dollard
(40-49) Scratch: 1st Colm Sevastopolo , 2nd Gerry Dollard, 3rd Thomas Kabs
(50-69) Scratch  : 2nd Brian Coonan
(70-79) Sprint : 3rd Phil Ormrod
(70-79) Pursuit: 2nd Phil Ormrod
(70-79) 500m TT : 3rd Phil Ormrod
(70-79) Scra
tch : 3rd Phil Ormrod

Leinster Track C/ship
500m TT (U16 Boys) 2nd Thomas Pickford (Silver)
500m TT (Junior Men) 3rd Robert Kiely (Bronze)
500m TT (Ladies) 1st Eimer McMullan (Gold), 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
500m TT (Vets) 1st John Caffrey (Gold), 2nd Colm Sevastopolo (Silver)  
                          3rd Thomas Kabs (Bronze)
Scratch (Junior Men) 3rd Robert Kiely (Bronze)
Scratch (Ladies) 2nd Sofie Loscher (Silver), 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Scratch (Vets) 1st John Caffrey (Gold), 3rd Thomas Kabs (Bronze)


2017 Results

International Results
Dublin Track GP :  U23 Scratch Race 3rd Hugo Brennan

National Track Championships
Omnium :
1st (Gold) Susie Mitchell, 3rd (Bronze) Sofie Loscher.
Men's Keirin : 2nd Hugo Brennan (Silver)
Men's Team Sprint : 3rd Hugo Brennan, Oisin Hogan, Thomas O'Brien (Bronze)
Men's Team Pursuit : 2nd H.Brennan, M.Rice, M.McCullagh, S.Curtis (Silver)
                                    4th O.Hogan, B.Crosbie, T.O'Brien, D.Mullin
Women's Keirin : 4th Susie Mitchell, 5th Sofie Loscher
Women's Team Sprint : 2nd Ssusie Mitchell, Sofie Loscher (Silver)
Women's Team Pursuit : 2nd S Loscher, S Mitchell, D Madden, A Coleman (Silver)
Men's Senior Sprint : 3rd Hugo Brennan (Bronze)
Men's Kilo : 4th Oisin Hogan
Men's Senior Scratch : 3rd Murt Rice (Bronze), 6th Matt McCullagh
Men's Madison (Demo) : 3rd Murt Rice / Oisin Hogan (Bronze)
Women's Sprint : 4th Susie Mitchell, 6th Sofie Loscher
Women's 3k Pursuit : 5th Deborah Madden
Womens 500m TT : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver), 6th Sofie Loscher 
Women's Madison Demo : 3rd Susie Mitchell / Sofie Loscher (Bronze)
Youth : 1st Sprint (Gold), 3rd TT (Bronze), 3rd Scratch (Bronze) - Callum Byrne
M40 Scratch : 1st Sean Curtis (Gold)
M40 3k Pursuit: 1st Sean Curtis (Gold), 3rd Thomas Kabs (Bronze), 4th David Mullin
M40 750m TT :3rd Sean Curtis (Bronze)
M60 2k Pursuit : 2nd Warrem McAlister (Silver), 4th John Coates
M60 Sprint : 2nd Warrem McAlister (Silver), 4th John Coates

Sundrive Summer Track League
A Section : 3rd Sean Curtis
C Section Ladies : 1st Sofie Loscher
Youth Section : 1st Calum Byrne 

Sundrive Autumn Track League
A Section : 2nd Oisin Hogan, 3rd Billy Crosbie
B Section : 1st Richard Grant
C1 : 1st Robert Kiely, 2nd Sofie Loscher, 3rd Brian Coonan
Youth Section : 1st Calum Byrne 

IVCA Track C/ship
40-49 Sean Curtis Scr / Sprint / 750m / 3k  / Team Sprint  (Gold x 5)
40-49 Thomas Kabs Scr / Sprint /750m TT, Team sprint (Silver x 4) , Pursuit (Bronze)
40-49 Susie Mitchell 750m TT (Bronze), Team Sprint (Silver)

Leinster Track C/ship
Womens 500m TT : 1st Susie Mitcell (Gold), 2nd Sofie Loscher (Silver)
Women's Scratch : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver), 3rd Sofie Loscher (Bronze)
Veteran 500m TT : 2nd Sean Curtis (Silver)
Veteran Scratch : 2nd Sean Curtis (Silver)
Junior Men 500m TT : 1st Robert Kiely (Gold)
Junior Men Scratch : 1st Robert Kiely (Gold)
U12 100m TT : 1st Calum Byrne (Gold)

Road Racing
26th March :KIlmessin  GP (A4) 1st Hugo Brennan
04th April: Orwell Crit League : Rd 1 TT 6th Deborah Madden
23rd April : Waller Cup (L) 4th Sofie Loscher
26th April : Bikeworx Crit Mondello : 1st A3 Sean Curtis
14th May : IVCA Curragh DMS (A Race) 8th Sean Curtis 
21st May : IVCA Kenstown DMS (C Race) 5th Ned Costello
23rd May : IVCA Mondello A Race : 3rd Sean Curtis
                                       B Race : 5th Hugh Byrne
21st June : IVCA Green Sheds  DMS : A Race - 2nd Sean Curtis
02nd July : IVCA Memorial Cup : C Race - 4th Ned Costello
04th July :  IVCA Green Sheds  DMS : A Race - 6th Sean Curtis
                                        C Race - 8th - Hugh Byrne
18th July : Bikeworx Mondello : 6th Murt Rice
23rd July : Millenium Cup : IVCA - Race 3 - 6th Hugh Byrne
25th July: Summerhill DMS IVCA - Race 1 - 2nd Sean Curtis
08th August : Summerhill DMS IVCA Race 3 - 1st Hugh Byrne
13th August : 'Sonny Cullen' IVCA Race 3 - 6th Hugh Byrne
01st October : IVCA Kilmacanogue Hill Climb - 5th Thomas Kabs

Winner : Neenan Travel Track Club of the Year

2016 Results

International Results
20th February - UK Police Games Omnium - 4th Eamonn Byrne
19th March - WCL - Elimination Race - 2nd Susie Mitchell
26th March - Manchester Sprinters League - 4th Eamonn Byrne
17th April - Athens Grand Prix Sprint - 2nd Eimear Moran
                   Athens Grand Prix 500m TT - 3rd Eimear Moran
20th May - Fenoix Trophy, France - F200 12.250s (National Record)

National Track Championships
Men's Team Sprint : 1st R.Sherman, 2nd E.Byrne, E.Mullen (National Record)
                                  2nd  K.Meghan, O.Hogan, H.Brennan
Men's Team Pursuit : 2nd 
K.Meghan, M.McCullagh, M.Rice,  H.Brennan
Men's Keirin : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold), 2nd Eamonn Byrne (Silver)
Men's Sprint : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold), 3rd Ronan Sherman (Bronze)
Men's Kilo : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold), 2nd Eamonn Byrne (Silver)
Men's Scratch : 3rd Murt Rice (Bronze)

Women's Team Sprint : 1st S.Mitchell, EMoran (Gold)
                                3rd S.O'Rourke / S.Loscher (Bronze)
Women's Keirin :1st Eimear Moran (Gold), 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Women's Omnium:  2nd Eimear Moran (Silver), 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Women's Sprint : 1st Eimear Moran (Gold)
Womens 500m TT : 1st Eimear Moran (Gold), 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Women's 3k Pursuit : 3rd Deborah Madden (Bronze)
Women's Scratch : 2nd Eimear Moran (Silver), 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
M40 3k Pursuit : 2nd Sean Curtis (Silver)
M60 2k Pursuit : 2nd Niall Darragh (Silver), 3rd John Coates (Bronze)
M60 Sprint : 1st Terry Cromer (Gold)
M60 500m TT: 2nd Terry Cromer (Silver)
M60 Scratch: 1st Terry Cromer (Gold)

Youth Championships Sprint U12 Girls : 3rd Casey Owens
                                Scratch U12 Girls  : 3rd Casey Owens
                                100m TT  U12 Girls : 3rd Casey Owens
                                100m TT  U12 Boys : 3rd Calum Byrne
Duane Delaney TGP
A Section :
3rd Eamonn Byrne
B Section: 1st Dave Sherlock
C: Section: 1st Thomas Kabs 
Overall : 2nd Thomas Kabs , 3rd Dave Sherlock

IVCA Track C/ship
40-49 Susie Mitchell 750m / 3k  Pursuit  (Silver x 2)

Leinster Track Championships
U12 Boys Scratch : 3rd Calum Byrne
U12 Boys 100m TT : 3rd Calum Byrne
U12 Girls Scratch : 2nd Casey Owens 
U12 Girls 100m TT : 2nd Casey Owens, 3rd Katie Tormley
Women's Scratch : 3rd Sofie Loscher
Women's 500m TT : 2nd Sofie Loscher
Junior Women's Scratch : 1st Beatrice Kelly
Junior Women's 500m TT : 1st Beatrice Kelly
Veteran Men's Scratch : 1st Sean Curtis
Senior Men's Scratch : 1st Oisin Hogan, 3rd Murt Rice

Track Results
17th March - Intervarsities Elite Champion - Hugo Brennan

Sundrive Summer League
B Section: 3rd David Mullen
C Section: 2nd Thomas Kabs
Ladies: 1st Sofie Loscher , 2nd Deborah Madden
Youth: 3rd Luke Duff

Sundrive Autumn League
A Section  1st Oisin Hogan 2nd Curtis , 3rd Hugo Brennan

B Section 2nd Chris Hewings ,3rd Susie Mitchell 
C Section 1st Geronimo Roa  3. Billie Crosbie 
Ladies 1st. Sofie Loscher 
Youth 1st Casey Owens, 2nd Calum Byrne 3rd Meghan Owens 

Road Racing
5th March Ras Maigh Eo - Stage 1- 4th Matt McCullagh
5th-6th March Ras Maigh Eo - Overall - 4th Matt McCullagh
27th March IVCA Kilcillen DMS Race 2 - 7th Susie Mitchell
2nd April - Kieron Hammond Mem TT - A3 2nd Keith Meghan
3rd April - IVCA Monasterevein DMS Race 3 - 4th Ned Costello
12th April - Orwell Ladies Crit League B Race - 1st Sofie Loscher
17th April - Visit Nenagh Team TT - 3rd Sundrive Track Team
19th April -
 Orwell Ladies Crit League A Race - 5th Sofie Loscher
24th April  - National League - Waller Cup - 6th Susie Mitchell
                                                          10th Deborah Madden
26th April - Orwell Ladies Crit League A Race - 2nd Sofie Loscher
26th April - Bixeworx Crit League, Mondello - 3rd Murt Rice
2nd May - Orwell Ladies League - Manor Kilbride - 5th Sofie Loscher
                                                            6th Deborah Madden
4th May - Midlands League - Mondello Crit - 1st Lady Susie Mitchell
10th May -Orwell Ladies League - 2nd Overall - Sofie Loscher
11th May -Midlands League - Kildare - 1st Lady Susie Mitchell
19th May - Midlands League - Crookstown - 6th Susie Mitchell (1st Lady)
29th May - 3 Stage Clonmel Race - 2nd Overall - Tom O'Brien
1st June - IVCA Summerhill DMS Race 3 - 5th Hugh Byrne
6th June - IVCA 2 Day - Stage 2 - 2nd Hugh Byrne
7th June - Corcaigh Park - Women's Points Race - 3rd Eimear Moran
7th June - Bikeworx Crit Mondello - 3rd Murt Rice
                                                 1st Unplaced A2 - Matt McCullagh
21st June - Stephen Roche Grand Prix - 1st Susie Mitchell
22nd June - Corcaigh Park - A Race - 3rd Sofie Loscher
26th June - National Road Race C/ship 2nd V Susie Mitchell (14th)
17th July - IVCA Tullamore DMS Race 2 - 8th Susie Mitchell
24th July -  IVCA Monasterevin DMS Race 2 - 9th Susie Mitchell

4th August -  Midlands League -Toghers - 4th Susie Mitchell (1st Lady)
12th August : Banbridge Ladies Criterium 4th Susie Mitchell
                                                         5th Sofie Loscher
18th August : Mondello Criterium : 1st uplaced A1 - Murt Rice
18th August : Midlands League - 1st Lady (Overall) Susie Mitchell

4th December - Leinster CycloX C/ship - 1st U23 - Hugo Brennan

Winner Neenan Travel Track Team of the Year




2015 Results

International Results
Brixton Grand Prix - Sprint - 8th Eamonn Byrne
                               Keirin - 7th Eamonn Byrne
Dublin International  - Points - 3rd Murt Rice
                                  Sprint - 4th Eoin Mullen
                                           - 8th Eamonn Byrne              

                                  Keirin - 8th Eamonn Byrne
                                 Women's Keirin - 4th - Eimear Moran
Reading Grand Prix - Sprint - 1st Eamonn Byrne
                               Keirin - 2nd Eamonn Byrne

World Masters Track Championship
Women's 2k Pursuit (40-44) - 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Women's 2k Team Pursuit - 2nd S Mitchell / O Hendron  / E Criglington (Silver)

Women's Scratch (40-44) - 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Women's 500m TT (40-44) - 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Women's 500m TT (40-44) - 1st Susie Mitchell (World Champion)


National Track Championships
Women's Omnium : 1st Susie Mitchell (Gold)
Women's Keirin :     1st Eimear Moran (Gold)
                               2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
                               3rd Michelle Mullen (Bronze)

Women's Team Sprint : 1st Michelle Mullen / Eimear Moran (Gold)
                                    (National Record)
                                    2nd Sarah Gunn / Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Men's Team Sprint : 2nd Colm O'Cuinneagain, Keith Meghan, Hugo Brennan
Senior Men's Sprint : 1st Eamonn Byrne
Senior Women's Pursuit : 1st Eimear Moran (Gold)
                                        2nd Susie Mitchell (Sliver)

Senior Women's Sprint : 1st Eimear Moran (Gold)
                                        2nd Susie Mitchell (Sliver)
                                        3rd Michele Mullen (Bronze)
Senior Women's 500m TT : 1st Eimear Moran (Gold)
                                        2nd Susie Mitchell (Sliver)
                                        3rd Michele Mullen (Bronze)
Senior Women's Scratch : 1st Eimear Moran (Gold)
                                        2nd Susie Mitchell (Sliver)
Masters M40 Sprint      1st Paul Armstrong
            M40 750m TT   3rd Paul Armstrong
            M50 500m TT   3rd  Hugh Byrne
           M60 Sprint       1st Terry Cromer (Gold)
           M60 Pursuit      2nd Terry Cromer (Silver)
           M50 500m TT 1st Terry Cromer (Gold)
          M50 Scratch 1st Terry Cromer (Gold)

Youth C/ship  U12 100m TT 1st Billy Walsh (Gold), 2nd Calum Byrne (Silver)
                        U12 Sprint 1st Billy Walsh (Gold), 3rd Sam Cuthbert (Bronze)
                       U12 Scratch 1st Billy Walsh (Gold)

Duane Delaney TGP
A Section : 3rd Hugo Brennan
B Section : 1st Oisin Hogan
Ladies Section 1st Sarah Gunn
Overall 2nd Sarah Gunn

Leinster Track 
U12 100m TT :1st Billy Walsh (Gold), 2nd Calum Byrne (Silver)
U12 Scratch : 2nd Billy Walsh (Silver), 3rd Sam Cuthbert (Bronze)

U14 250m TT : 3rd Luke Duff (Bronze)
U14 Scratch : 3rd Luke Duff (Bronze)
Junior Women 500m TT : 3rd Grainne Hanley (Bronze)

Junior Women Scratch: 2nd Grainne Hanley (Silver)
Senior Women 500m TT : 1st Susie Mitchell (Gold)

Senior Women Scratch: 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Senior Men 500m TT : 2nd Eamonn Byrne (Silver)
Senior Men  Scratch: 3rd Eamonn Byrne (Bronze)

IVCA Track C/ship
40-49 Scr / Sprint / 500m / 2k Pursuit Susie Mitchell (Gold x 5)
50-59 500/2k Hugh Byrne (Bronze x 2)
135+ Team Sprint : H.Byrne, S.Mitchell, E.Lynch (Gold)

Sundrive Summer Track League
A Section: 3rd Matt McCullagh
B Section : 2nd Oisin Hogan
C Section : 3rd Mark Stewart
Ladies 1st Eimear Moran, 2nd Sofie Loscher, 3rd Deborah Madden
Youth: 2nd Calum Byrne, 3rd Luke Duff

Sundrive Autumn Track League
A Section: 3rd Matt McCullagh
B Section : 2nd Eimear Moran, 3rd Sean Curtis
C Section : Ist Brian Phelan
Ladies 1st Sofie Loscher, 3rd Deborah Madden
Youth: 1st Billy Walsh, 2nd Sam Cuthbert, 3rd Luke Duff

Road Racing
15th March Ras Maigh Eo - Stage 2a TT - 5th Murt Rice
14-15th March Ras Maigh Eo - Overall - 6th Murt Rice
5th April - Ras an Laois - 1st Eimear Moran
14th April - Bikeworx Mondello - 1st A2 Murt Rice 

                                            1st A3 Keith Meghan
18th April - Visit Nenagh Team TT - Sundrive Track Team
21st April -  Orwell Crit League (A Race) - 7th Eimear Moran
                                           (B Race) - 1st Deborah Madden
28th April - Bikeworx Mondello - 2nd A4 Hugo Brennan
26th May - Bikeworx Mondello - 1st A2 - Murt Rice
09th June - Ladies League Corcaigh Park  (A Race) 1st Susie Mitchell
16th June - Ladies League Corcaigh Park (A Race) 2nd Susie Mitchell
23rd June - IVCA Summerhill (C Race) 3rd Hugh Byrne

24th June - Stephen Roche Grand Prix 5th Murt Rice
                  Ladies Race - 3rd Susie Mitchell , 4th Eimear Moran
5th July - IVCA Memorial Cup(C Race) 3rd Hugh Byrne
7th July - Bixeworx Rd 6 Mondellow 2nd Matt McCullagh
                                          Unplaced A2 - Murt Rice 
7th July - IVCA 'Dowry's Forge' (C Race) 1st Hugh Byrne
14th July - Ladies League Corcaigh Park  (A Race) 1st Eimear Moran
19th July - Mullingar GP  - A4 -4th David Mullin
21st July - Ladies League Corcaigh Park  (A Race) 2nd Eimear Moran
28th July - Bixeworx Crit Mondello - Unplaced A3 - Matt McCullagh
02nd August : Suir Valley Criterium  -1st Eimear Moran
                                                        2nd Susie Mitchell  
09th August : Collins Christle Memorial  3rd Matt McCullagh

                                                    A4 Race :   6th David Mullen
22nd/23rd August: Wexford 2 Day
                                               Stage 2 : 5km TT - 1st Matthew McCullagh
                                               Stage 3 : 8th - Matthew McCullagh
                                               Overall : 6th Matthew McCullagh

Winner Neenan Travel Track Team of the Year


2014 Results

International  Track Results
Cottbus Track GP :
4th Eoin Mullen
Dublin International GP : Sprint 1st Eoin Mullen
Dublin International GP : Keirin 3rd  Eoin Mullen
European U23 Track C/ship : Sprint 3rd Eoin Mullen
3 Jour d'Aigle : Sprint 1st Eoin Mullen

World Masters Track C/ships
Womens 35-39 Pursuit : 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)

National Track Championships
Womens' Omnium -
1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) 2nd Sarah Gunn (Bronze)
Men's Team Pursuit : 1st K Meghan, M Rice, G O'Murchu, M McCullagh (Gold)
Men's Team Sprint : !st Keith Meghan, Eamonn Byrne, Hugo Brennan (Gold)
Womens Team Sprint : 1st Susie Mitchell, Sarah Gunn (Gold)
                                      (National Record)
Women's Keirin :
1st Susie Mitchell (Gold),  2nd Sarah Gunn (Silver)  4th Michelle Mullen
Men's Sprint : 1st Eoin Mulen (Gold) , 2nd Eamonn Byrne (Silver), 4th Hugo Brennan
Men's Kilo : 1st Eoin Mulen (Gold)
Men's Scratch  :3rd Murt Rice (Bronze)
Women's Sprint: 1st Susie Mitchell (Gold),  2nd Sarah Gunn (Silver) 
3rd  Michelle Mullen (Bronze), 4th Emily Mahon
Women's Pursuit :1st Susie Mitchell (Gold), 4th Sofie Loscher
Women's  500m TT : 2nd Sarah Gunn (Silver) , 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Women's  Scratch : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)

Duane Delaney TGP
A Section : 1st Hugo Brennan
A Section : 2nd Eamonn Byrne
B Section : 2nd Paul Armstrong
B Section : 3rd Susie Mitchell
C Section : 2nd David Mullin
C Section :3rd Richie Grant
Ladies Section 1st Sarah Gunn
Overall 2nd Sarah Gunn
Overall 3rd Paul Armstrong

Leinster Track Championship
Senior  Men Scratch:  2nd Matt McCullagh (Silver)
Vet Men 500m  TT :  3rd Sean Curtis (Bronze)     
Women's 500m TT  :  1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) , 3rd Kayleigh Gibbons  (Bronze)
Women's Scratch :  1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) 
U16 Men  500m TT : 2nd Cathal Mullen (Silver) 
U16 Men  Scratch :  2nd Cathal Mullen (Silver)
U14 Girls  Scratch :  1st Adelenia Ryan (Gold)
U14 Girls 250m TT:  1st Adelenia Ryan (Gold)
U12 Boys Scratch :  2nd  Billy Walsh (Silver), 3rd Ben Mitchell (Bronze)
U12 Boys  100m TT:   1st Billy Walsh (Gold)
U12 Girls Scratch :   3rd Florentine Ryan (Bronze)
U12 Girls 100m TT:  3rd Florentine Ryan (Bronze)
U10 Boys Scratch :  1st Calum Byrne  (Gold)
U10 Boys 100m TT :  1st Calum Byrne  (Gold)

Sundrive Summer Track League
B Section : 1st Susie Mitchell, 2nd Dave Sherlock, 3rd Joe Benson
C Section : 3rd David mullin
Youth Section : 1st Dylan Harold

Sundrive Autumn Track League
B Section :
3rd Colm Sevastopulo
C Section : 2nd Damien Mooney, 3rd Ronan Ryan
Ladies : 1st Aine McBride
Youth Section : 1st Ben Mitchell

Road Racing
16th Feb : 3rd L -  Paddy Flanagan Memorial - Susie Mitchell
23rd Feb:  4th A4 - Traders Cup - Matt Cullough
23rd Feb:  6th L -  Traders Cup - Sarah Gunn
02nd Mar: 6th L - Cycleways Cup - Susie Mitchell
08th Mar:  3rd L - Ras Naobh Finnain - Susie Mitchell
11th May: 5th - IVCA Summerhill (B Race) Susie Mitchell
18th May: 2nd - IVCA Summerhill (B Race) Hugh Byrne
09th June: 6th - Mondello Criterium - Murt Rice
01st July : 2nd - IVCA Summerhill (B Race) - Terry Cromer
6th July : 6th A4 - Sam & Betty D'Arcy Memorial - David Mullen
8th July : 1st A2 (7th) - Bikworx Mondello - Murt Rice
26th Aug: 2nd - Bikeworx Mondello - Murt Rice

Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 1) - 2nd Lady Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 2) - 2nd Lady Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 3) - 5th  Lady Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 4) - 5th Lady Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Series Overall Result ) 2nd Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 3) - 5th  Lady Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 3) - 5th  Lady Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 3) - 5th  Lady Natalie Grieve
Fixx Supercross Cup (Round 3) - 5th  Lady Natalie Grieve

Winner Neenan Travel Track Team of the Year

2013 Results

International  Track Results
Flying 200 Mexico (Jan) 9.965 (National Record )
Flying 200 Mexico (Dec) 9.834 (National Record )
Aigle 3 Day : Sprint
1st  Eoin Mullen 10.16* (Stadiuml Record )
*Fastest ever Irish Flying 200 at sea level)

European Track Masters
Womens 35-49 Pursuit : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Womens 35-49 500m TT: 4th Susie Mitchell
World Masters Track C/ships
Womens 35-39 Pursuit : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Womens 35-39 Points  : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Womens Team Sprint : 5th Susie Mitchell/Kate Rudd (National Record )
Mens 60-64 Sprint : 4th Terry Cromer
Mens 60-64 500m : 4th Terry Cromer

National CycloX C/ships : Susie Mitchell (Bronze)

Duane Delaney Track Grand Prix
Ladies Section : 1st Susie Mitchell
B Section : 3rd Terry Cromer
C Section : 1st Ray Grogan
Overall Winner : Susie Mitchell
3rd Overall (joint) : Ray Grogan.

International Track Grand Prix
Men's Sprint : 1st Eoin Mullen
Men's Keirin : 1st Eoin Mullen
Women's Sprint : 3rd Sarah Gunn
Women's Keirin : 2nd Sarah Gunn


National  Senior Track Championships
Women's Omniun :  2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)
Men's Team Sprint   1st E Healy K Meghan, E Mullen (Gold) (National Record )
Womens Team Sprint  1st Sarah  Gunn , Susie Mitchell (Gold) (National Record )
2nd Aine McBride, Cliona Murray (Silver)
Men's Keirin:   1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Womens Keirin  :  Susie Mitchell (Gold) , Sarah Gunn (Bronze) , 4th Aine McBride
Men's Team Pursuit : 3rd Meghan, O'Murchu, Smith, O'Brien (Bronze)
Men's Sprint :  1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Women's Sprint :  4th Sarah Gunn
Women's Pursuit : 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Women's 500m TT:  2nd Susie Mitchell (Sliver)

National  Junior Track Championships
Junior Women's 500m TT: 1st  Michelle Mullen (Gold)
Junior Women's Sprint : 1st  Michelle Mullen (Gold)
Junior  Men's Sprint : 1st  Hugo Brennan (Gold)

Leinster Track Championship
Senior Men 500 TT :           1st Eoin Healy (Gold)  
Vet Men 500m mTT :           1st Terry Cromer (Gold)     
Women's 500m TT  :         1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) 
                                       2nd Sarah Gunn (Silver)
Women's Scratch :           1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) 
Junior Men  500m TT :     1st Hugo Brennan (Gold)    


Sundrive Summer Track League
A Section : 1st  Sean Curtis
C Section : 1st Joe Benson, 2nd Dave Sherlock
Ladies:   2nd Cliona Murray
Most Aggressive Rider  : Ray Grogan


Sundrive Autumn Track League
A Section : 3rd Eoin Healy
B Section : 2nd Oliver Smith
C Section : 2nd Aine McBride
Ladies : 1st Aine McBride

Road Racing
3rd Peter Bidwell Memorial - Sean Curtis
2nd IVCA DMS Warrenstown - Sean Curtis
2nd Mondello Criterium - Sean Curtis
1st IVCA Duleek - Sean Curtis

Winner of Track Team of the Year


2012 Results

International  Track Results: 
Women Pursuit (35-29) 
Winner and World Champion :
Susie Mitchell (Gold)

National  Senior Track Championships
Men's Team Sprint : - 1st K Meghan, D Bailey, E Mullen (Gold)
Womens Team Sprint : 1st Sarah  Gunn , Susie Mitchell (Gold)
Women's Team Pursuit (Demo) : 2nd S Gunn, C Martinez, S Mitchell (Silver)
Mens Keirin:  1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)  
Womens Keirin (Demo) : 
3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)      
Men's Sprint : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Men's Kilo : 1st Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Men's 4km Pursuit : Sean Curtis (Bronze)
Men's Scratch : 4th Eoin Mullen
Women's 3km Pursuit : 3rd Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Wonen's 500m TT : 2nd Susie Mitchell (Silver)

National Senior Omnium Championship
Women - 3rd  Susie Mitchell  (Bronze)
Men :       5th   Sean Curtis

National  Junior Track Championships
Sprint :         Michelle  Mullen (Gold)
500m TT:   Michelle  Mullen (Gold)
Scratch :    Michelle Mullen (Silver) 

National  Youth Track Championships
U14 Boys Sprint :        
Cathal Mullen (Silver)
U14 Boys Scratch :       Cathal Mullen (Silver)

Leinster Track Championship
Vet Men Scratch :
                 1st Sean Curtis (Gold)  
Vet Men 500m TT :              1st Sean Curtis (Gold)     
                                             3rd Terry Cromer (Bronze) 
                                             4th Hugh Byrne 
Women's 500m TT  :         1st Susie Mitchell (Gold) 
 Junior Men  500m TT  2nd Hugo Brennan (Silver)   

Irish Track Masters
(40-49) 500m TT - Sean Curtis (Silver)
(50-59) 500m TT - Hugh Byrne (Silver)
(40-49)  Pursuit -   Sean Curtis (Silver)
(40-49)  Sprint -   Sean Curtis (Silver)
(50-59)  Sprint -     Hugh Byrne (Silver)
(40-49) Scratch  - Sean Curtis (Bronze)

135+ Team Sprint - Coates, Tonge, Curtis  (Silver )

National Track Results
Duane Delaney (B Section )  2nd Terry Crlomer
Intl Day Invitational Keirin : 3ed Sean Curtis

Sundrive Summer Track League

A Section : 2nd Sean Curtis
Most Aggressive Rider  : Sean Curtis
Sundrive Autumn  Track League
A Section : 1st  Sean Curtis

IVCA Results

15/5 Culmullen DMS - Sean Curtis  4th
15/5 Culmullen DMS --  Noel Tonge 6th 
22/5 Batterstown DMS- Sean Curtis  1st
22/5 Batterstown DMS --  Noel Tonge 6th
27/5 Summerhill CP - Sean Curtis 6th
19/6 Culmullen DMS - Sean Curtis 2nd
26/6 Batterstowb DMS Sean Curtis 3rd
10/7 Culmullen DMS - Sean Curtis 3rd
26/8 Duleek DMS - Sean Curtis 2nd
23/9 Sanyo Cup - Sean Curtis 1st  (on actual time)
30/9 Hill Climb - Sean Curtis 2nd (on actual time) 

Road Results
3/7 Mondello - Sean Curtis  3rd
31/7 Heath Road  Race - Sean Curtis 3rd
1/8 Portsmouth  Circuits - Sean Curtis 6th
14/8 Mondello  - Sean Curtis


2011 Results

International  Track Results
White Hope Sprint (Manchester) Eoin  Mullen (J)  4th
Fenioux Trophy (France) Eoin Mullen (J)  3rd

New National Senior & Junior  200m Outdoor Record 11.326
Fenioux Trophy (Lyon, France) Eoin Mullen (J)  2nd

New National Senior & Junior  200m Outdoor Record 10.920
Outdoor track but also surpassed previous indoor Junior record

Cottbus (Germany) Eoin Mullen (J)  3rd
European Junior Track C/ship (Anadia, Portugal)
Eoin  Mullen (J) Kilo 5th  1.05.549 sec (New Junior Record)
Eoin Mullen (J) Sprint  Qualifier 5th  10.565 sec  
(New Senior & Junior Record)
Eoin Mullen (J) Sprint 7th
World Junior Track C/ship (Moscow)
Eoin Mullen (J) Sprint  Qualifier 15th  10.446  sec  
(New Senior & Junior Record)

National  Senior Track Championships
Men's Team Pursuit - Sundrive 3rd (Bronze)
Keirin:  (Demo)          Keith Meghan 4th
                                 Sean Curtis 6th

National Veteran Omnium Championship
2nd Sean Curtis (Silver)

National Senior Omnium Championship (Demo)
3rd  Sean Curtis (Bronze)

National  Junior Track Championships
Sprint : Eoin Mullen (Gold)
Kilo:     Eoin  Mullen (Gold)

National  Youth Track Championships
U16 Girls Sprint :          Michelle Mullen (Gold)
U16 Girls 500m TT:       Michelle Mullen (Gold)
U12 Boys Scratch :       Cathal Mullen (Gold)
U12 Girls 100m TT:      Juliette Prince (Silver)
U12 Girls Sprint:          Juliette Prince (Silver)

Leinster Track Championships
Senior Women 500m TT : 
Susie Mitchell (Bronze)
Junior Men  Scratch:        Eoin  Mullen (Gold)
Junior Men 500m TT:        Eoin Mullen (Gold)

(National  Senior & Junior Record 34.69 sec)
U16 Girls Scratch:             Michelle Mullen (Gold)

U16 Girls 500m TT:           Michelle Mullen (Gold)
U12 Boys Scratch :           Cathal Mullen (Gold)
U12 Girls Scratch:           Juliette Prince (Gold)
                                       Rudy Kelly (Silver)    
U12 Girls 100m TT          Rudy Kelly (Gold)
                                     Juliette Prince (Silver)

IVCA Track Masters
(40-49) 500m TT - Sean Curtis (Bronze)
(50-59) 500m TT - Hugh Byrne (Silver)
(60 +)   500m TT - Noel Tonger (Silver)
(40-49)  Pursuit -   Sean Curtis (Silver)
(60 +)    Pursuit -   Noel Tonge (Sliver)
(50-59)  Sprint -     Hugh Byrne (Gold)
(60 +)   Sprint -     Noel Tonge (Gold)
(40-49) Scratch  - Sean Curtis (Bronze)
(50-59) Scratch -   Hugh Byrne  (Silver)
(60  +)  Scratch - Noel Tonge (Silver)

135+ Team Sprint - Byrne , Tonge, Curtisw  (Silver )

National Track Results
Duane Delaney (B section) Dominic  Walls 3rd

Sundrive Summer Track League
A Section : Sean Curtis 3rd
B Section : Domininc Walls 2nd
C Section : John Mernagh 3rd

Sundrive Autumn  Track League
A Section : Sean Curtis 2nd
B Section : Colm O'Cuinneagain 1st

IVCA Results
Warrenstown CP               
Terry Cromer  2nd
Kentstown DMS (Race 1)    Noel Tonge 7th 
Batterstown DMS (Race 2) 
Terry Cromer  1st
Age Related C/ship (60-69) Noel Tonge 2nd  (Silver)

Road Results
Robinstown :
Sean Curtis 3rd  C
Mountnugent GP :       Sean Curtis 1st C
Modello Circuit Race : Sean Curtis 1st C
Beechmount Cup :       Sean
Curtis 5th

Race Around Ireland
1st 4 Man Team - The Flandrians (incl Mark Kiely)
2172kn in 89 hours 54 minutes

Round 2: Steevens SuperCross  Cup : Swords -             1st Lady Susie Mitchell
Round 3 : Steevens SuperCross  Cup : Corcaigh Park  1st Lady Susie Mitchell
Round 4 : Steevens SuperCross  Cup : St Annes -         1st Lady Susie Mitchell
Round 5 : Steevens SuperCross Cup : Tymon Park     1st  Lady Susie Mitchell
Overall Series  Winner : Susie Mitchell
Track Team of the Year : 4th (23 points)

2010 Results

National Vets Omnium
1st     Paul Doyle
6th    Terry Cromer
National Team Sprint
1st    Sundrive Track Team (Bannon, Meghan, Doyle)

*New National Best time for event


Senior National Track Chamionships
Senior Kilo TT:  5th Paul Doyle
Womens Sprint: 4th Andrea Fagan

Junior Sprint : 1st Eoin Mullen
*New National Junior record for flying 200
Junior 500m TT : 2nd Eoin Mullen
                        5th Eoin Healy

Women's Team Pursuit Demo
1st Orwell (Andrea Fagan guesting)

Duane Delaney Memorial Track Grand Prix
A Group : 4th Sean Curtis
B Group : 2nd Eoin Mullen (also posted 2nd overall fastest 500m time)
C Group : 2nd Andrea Fagan (also 1st Lady)
                      4th Alec Darragh

Sneem Hotel International Grand Prix
4th Andrea Fagan (Womens Omnium)

Summer Track League
B Section      1st Mark Kiely
                      2nd Eoin Mullen
C Section     1st Andrea Fagan
                     3rd Alec Darragh

Autumn Track League
A Section       1st Sean Curtis
B Section       3rd John Walsh
C Section       1st Stephen Vernor
                        2nd Bernard O'Connor
Youth             2nd Graham Fallon

Leinster Track Championships
Veteran Scratch:     1st Sean Curtis
Veteran 500m TT  2nd Terry Cromer
Junior Scratch:        2nd Eoin Mullen
Junior 500m TT     1st Eoin Mullen
U16 Scratch:            2nd Ruarai Walsh
U16 Sprint:             2nd Ruarai Walsh
U16 500m TT        2nd Ruarai Walsh
U14 Scratch           3rd Graham Fallon
U14 Sprint             3rd Graham Fallon
U14 250m TT       2nd Graham Fallon

IVCA Track Championships
500m TT     (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer
2km Pursuit (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer
Flying 200    (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer
Scratch          (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer

National CycloX Championships
4th Vet Greg Campbell 

IVCA Races
28th March - 6th  Terry Cromer  - Warrenstown DMS (Race 1)  
04th April - 1st  Hugh Byrne  - Kentstown CP
11th April - 5th Noel Tonge - Mohill DMS (Race 1)
20th June - 4th Sean Curtis - Curragh DMS (Race 1)
22nd June - 2nd Sean Curtis - Batterstown DMS (Race 1)

13th April - 4th Andrea Fagan -  Orwell Ladies League - Race 1 TT
20th April - 3rd Andrea Fagan - Orwell Ladies League - Race 2 Crit
27th April - 4th Andrea Fagan - Orwell Ladies League - Race 3 Crit
27th July - 2nd Sean Curtis - Navan League
10th August - 1st Sean Curtis - Navan League
17th August - 3rd Sean Curtis - Navan League
24th August - 4th John Walsh - Navan League
2nd October - 2nd C - Sean Curtis Mondello Open Race



2009 Results

 Senior National Track Championship
Sprint:  3rd Keith Bannon (Bronze)
Kilo :    2nd Paul Doyle (Silver)
Kilo :    6th Keith Meghan
20km:  6th Keith Meghan

Team Sprint National Championship
1st : Sundrive (Bannan, Meghan, Doyle) 48.65 sec
(New National Best Time)

LadiesTeam Sprint (Demonstration event)
1st : Sundrive (Perricart, Cullen) 40.53

National Vets Omnium Track C/ship
4th Terry Cromer

European Masters
500m TT (55-59) : 2nd Terry Cromer (Silver)

Cycleways Track League
2nd Senior Overall - Keith Meghan
2nd U16 Ruari Walsh
3rd U12 Graham Fallon
Most skillful  - Graham Fallon

Sneem Hotel International Grand Prix
4th Overall - Keith Meghan

National Youth Track C/ship
100m TT (U12) 2nd Graham Fallon (Silver) 11.71
250m TT (U14) 3rd Justin Kennedy (Bronze) 22/81
Sprint:   (U14)  3rd Justin Kennedy (Bronze)

Interprovincial Track League
Graham Fallon, Justin Kennedy, Mos Khongyim
Rode for Leinster Team which won the
Interprovincial Track  League run over two legs

Leinster Youth Track C/ship
100m TT (U12) 2nd Graham Fallon (Silver) 12.02

250mTT (U14)   1st Mos Khongyim (Gold) 23.08
                      2nd Justin Kennedy (Silver) 23.43
                      3rd Adam Babel (Bronze) 25.80
Sprint (
U14)      1st Justin Kennedy (Gold)
                      2nd Mos Khongyim (Silver)                        
3rd Adam Babel (Bronze)
Scratch  (U14)  1st Justin Kennedy (Gold)
                      2nd Mos Khongyim (Silver)                        
                      3rd  Adam Babel (Bronze)

IVCA Masters Track C/ship
500m TT (50-59) 1st : Terry Cromer (Gold)
                       3rd :  Alec Darragh (Bronze)
Sprint (50-59)    1st : Terry Cromer (Gold)
Scratch (50-59) 2nd : Terry Cromer (Silver)  
Team Sprint 135+ Terry Cromer, Brenan Whelan, Liam Collins (Gold)

Race Around Ireland
3rd Team - Team Tailteann (incl Sundrive's Noel Tonge)
1350 Miles in 76 hrs 38 min



2008 Results

Our first year as a club!

Senior National Track C/ship
Sprint : 6th Keith Meghan
Kilo:     3rd  Keith Meghan (Bronze)

Team Sprint (Demonstration Event)
1st : Sundrive /Lucan (Curtis,Whelan, Meghan) 

Cycleways Track League
1st Senior Overall - Keith Meghan
1st Youth Overall - Justin Kennedy
1st U14 Justin Kennedy
3rd U12 Graham Fallon
Most skillful  - Graham Fallon 

Murphys Surveyors International Grand Prix
5th Keith Meghan

National Youth Track C/ship
100m TT (U12)     6th Graham Fallon 12.63
250m TT (U14)     5th Justin Kennedy 27.91

Interprovincial Track League
Graham Fallon (U12)  and  Justin Kennedy(u14) , rode for the
Leinster Team which tied with Ulster to share the 
Interprovincial Track  League

Neenan Travel Leinster Youth Track C/ship

100m TT         (U10)  1st Shane Irwin (Gold) 13.48
                               3rd Jake Kennedy (Bronze) 16.37
                     (U11)  2nd Shane Redmond (Silver) 14.05
                     (U12)  2nd Graham Fallon (Silver) 12.20
250m TT         (U14)  3rd Justin Kennedy (Bronze) 23.86
Sprint             (U10)  2nd Shane Irwin (Silver) 
                     (U11)  2nd Shane Redmond (Silver) 
                     (U12)  3rd Graham Fallon (Bronze) 
                     (U14)  2nd Justin Kennedy (Silver)
Scratch Race   (U10)  1st Shane Irwin (Gold)) 
                     (U11)  1st Shane Redmond (Gold)
                     (U12)  3rd Graham Fallon (Bronze)
                     (U14)  3rd Justin Kennedy (Bronze)



2022 Calendar

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Track Training
Saturdays until end of October
10.00 Seniors / 12.00 Youth
Mondays May until mid September
6pm Youth / 7pm Seniors 
(Except Bank Holidays)

Track Training
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