First Road Win!

I was very pleased to take the Club's first ever road victory in the IVCA race on Easter Sunday! Cant say I was going brilliant as was struggling at times but with a lap to go it did cross my mind that a win was possible, so instead of day dreaming about it I did what I often advise others to do, and that is to concentrate on what you have to do to put yourself in the best position to go for the win as in getting over the hills and into the corners in the first six and this also means you have to work in the paceline to hold your position.

I had checked out the finish and knew it was a headwind, which means take shelter for as long as possible and go as late as you dare, but make sure you have chosen a position from which you cant get blocked. On this finish you get an early look at the line if you are on the right - nothing happens by chance!  Then be first to launch and after a winter of training sprints with Terry Cromer - there was only going to be one outcome! Sprint felt horrible into the wind but when the bunch allows a trackie to jump that close to the line, they are not going to close! 

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