IVCA C/ships Kanturk

The original date for the IVCA Track C/ships was rained off in late September and our rescheduled date fell foul of the track being damaged at Sundrive.  A timely completion of the new outdoor 250m track in Kanturk gave the IVCA an opportunity to extend its influence and also for our riders to try out the new track. This worked out to be an excent venture with medalists coming from all four provinces, truly making it a National Championship. The Sundrive club was ably represented by Terry Cromer, Hugh Byrne and John Coates in the 50-59 age category in which Terry dominated taking all four available golds in the category and also set the fastest 200 on the day which was no mean feat on a difficult track to come to grips with.  Also very worthy of praise was Sundrives premier female rider Andrea Fagan who came down and took charge of runnig the event ably assisted by Orwells Dave Tansey.

IVCA Track Championships
500m TT       (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer
2km Pursuit  (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer
Flying 200    (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer
Scratch         (50-59) 1st Terry Cromer

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